Saturday, October 12, 2013

What do they think they're doing in Dallas???

It appears to be the case that Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas is in love with community service!  They think they can contribute to making the world work for everyone, not just for themselves individually!

What a concept!!!

Their Senior Minister, Petra Weldes says:

We love being part of all kinds of things. Right now our primary projects include:

Our adopted school - Gooch Elementary School, not too far from us. 80% of the kids live at below the poverty line and they don't have much parent involvement. We collect school supplies and uniforms in August and Thanksgiving Baskets in November for them. We have painted their playground equipment, helped out at the last 5 May Day carnivals, and helped them plan, fundraise, get a grant, and put in a series of gardens to use for educational purposes.

We participate every year in the Season for Peace and Nonviolence, and have created a website which houses the practices with affirmations and videos.

We collect eye glasses and medical supplies in Partnership with Roshi Halifax for her annual trip to Nepal.

We collect a "Bear in every chair" for a month a donate them to the local teen shelter.

We participate in the North Texas Food Bank Interfaith Council and Interfaith week, as well as do a peanut butter drive.

We work with a local woman to wrap donated clothes for homeless folks at Christmas time.

Over the years we've done many other projects, including participating in a city-wide mediation project which lowered the crime rate in Dallas, partnering with a group in feeding the homeless, adopting families and distributing donations during Katrina to name a few.

We love being part of making a difference and we love knowing that because we do all this work in the consciousness of an expectation for good and grounded in Spiritual Mind Treatment, we know that every thing we do actually makes an impact.

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