To celebrate 100 years of teaching Science of Mind, we are contemplating a voluntary, grass roots, year-long theme for 2018:  100 Years of Science of Mind.

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2018:  100 Years of Science of Mind

January: Living the Science of Mind
What is Science of Mind? (Pg.1) 1/7
Science of Mind – Using It (Pg.7) 1/14
Science, Superstition, and Common Sense (Pg.15) 1/21
Thinking Affirmatively(Pg.18) 1/28

Recommended Reading: 

Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes (anchor book for the year)

February: Self-Awareness is Not Enough
What is Religion? (Pg.28) 2/4
What is Spirituality? (Pg.33) 2/11
Desire, Opinion, and Revelation(Pg.35) 2/18
Belief, Faith, and Prayer(Pg.41) 2/25

Recommended Reading: 

A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

March: You are Rooted in the Divine
Your Personal Self (Pg.116) 3/4
Your Impersonal Self (Pg.130) 3/11
God’s Will (Pg.136) 3/18
Self-Evident Truth within You (Pg.141) 3/25

Recommended Reading: 
Living With Joy – Keys to Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation by Sanaya Roman

April: Where Humanity and Divinity Meet
The Lord is My Shepherd (Pg.148) 4/1
The Individual and the Universal (Pg.151) 4/8
God Talks to the Heart (Pg.164)  4/15
How Old Are You? (Pg.173) 4/22
Build Your Tomorrow Today (Pg.190)  4/29

Recommended Reading:
Happiness is an Inside Job by Sylvia Boorstein

May: Spiritual Laws and How to Use Them
Direct Contact with the Infinite (Pg.198) 5/6
The Sequence of Creative Order (Pg.199) 5/13
The Law of Mental Equivalents (Pg.213)  5/20
Principle and Precedent (Pg.215)  5/27

Recommended Reading:
The Greatest Secret of All by Marc Allen

June: Spiritual Wisdom and How to Follow It
How Does God Know What I am Doing? (Pg.221)  6/3
Your Invisible Forces (Pg.227) 6/19
Your Spiritual Bank Account (Pg.232) 6/17
How to Create a Spiritual Chain Reaction (Pg.239) 6/24

Recommended Reading
Spiritual Solutions by Deepak Chopra

July: Revealing Wholeness
Healing is a Revelation (Pg.245)  7/1
Our Healer (Pg.246) 7/8
The Consciousness that Heals (Pg.247) 7/15
Let Us Not Fool Ourselves (Pg.252) 7/22
You Are a Spiritual Broadcasting Station (pg. 270)  7/29

Recommended Reading
Healing Words – The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD

August: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Form
How to Give a Spiritual Mind Treatment (Pg.284) 8/5
Treatment Deals with Thought (Pg.287) 8/12
Affirmations and Denials in Treatment (Pg.301) 8/19
Simple Acceptance (Pg.309)  8/26

Recommended Reading
How to Use the Science of Mind – Principle in Practice by Ernest Holmes

September: Spiritual Mind Treatment, The Feeling
Treatment and Feeling (Pg.312) 9/2
Divine Ideas (Pg.315) 9/9
Make Each Treatment Complete (Pg.316) 9/16
Treatment is Not Well-Wishing (Pg.318) 9/23
Loose the Consciousness (Pg.339) 9/30

Recommended Reading
The Energy of Prayer by Thich Nhat Hanh

October: Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth
God’s Bounty (Pg.338) 10/7
Substance and Supply (Pg.340) 10/14
Getting and Giving Up (Pg.346) 10/21
Receiving is as Important (Pg.348) 10/28

Recommended Reading
Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

November: Freedom From Fear and Error Thinking
The Fruit of Good and Evil (Pg.354) 11/4
Fear and Punishment (Pg.359) 11/11
If the Blind Lead the Blind (Pg.388) 11/18
Transference (Pg.390) 11/25

Recommended Reading
The Places that Scare You – A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

December: Happiness and Fulfillment
Our Need for Forgiveness (Pg.400) 12/2
The Will to Live (Pg.405) 12/9
Spiritual Conviction (Pg.410) 12/16
The Silence (Pg.418) 12/23
Happiness (Pg.431) 12/2

Recommended Reading
The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu


  1. I like this outline, thank you, Edward! Many find Living the Science of Mind to be much more accessible than our textbook. I did notice that the question "How old are you?" shows up in both April and July. Perhaps "Two Great Leaders" (p. 52) would be an alternative in April?

  2. Thank you Tara, I spotted the duplication too and made a change. I appreciate having extra eyes on the project.

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