Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Book Published: The Grass is Greener Right Here, Dr. David Ault

Is there any greater feeling than the one you experience when holding your book fresh from the printer?

Well, I've discovered there IS a greater feeling - when people honor you by purchasing it!

All I want for Christmas is more of that feeling.

I thank you in advance for considering a quick and easy purchase of my latest book The Grass Is Greener RIght Here on Amazon.

Here is the link

If you have already read it and have gushing, kind remarks, would you consider sharing that with the field so they can understand what their missing?

A few testimonials.....

“With a heart of generosity and vulnerability, David Ault offers his readers a most trustworthy and indispensable guide for opening wider one's own heart of compassion, courage, and trust. With profound insight derived from his own down-to-earth experiences, David leads us into the discovery that all along the grass in our inner and outer life has been vibrantly green. Breathe often, and let this nourishing and healing book bless your heart.” 
Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Life Visioning

"The Grass is Greener Right Here is a beautiful guide to living fully right where you are. Filled with stories and wisdom, this book will break your heart wide open. David Ault has lived these truths, and is the perfect guide to experiencing all that life has to offer. Don't miss this book!"

Joel Fotinos, Author of My Life Contract

More testimonials here!reviews/cpv3

Bulk order arrangements will be available in early spring of 2015.

In gratitude - David Ault

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The Grass Is Greener Right Here

Monday, December 01, 2014

New Thought Speakers - Guests at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa 2014

Reviewing the year of guest speakers at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, has been a treat.  Here are some of our guests' videos, enjoy.

Rev. Joyce Duffala - Enabling is Not Giving

Rev. Jeff Anderson - The Quest for the Past

Rev. Kim Kaiser - The Hero's Adventure

Dr. Kristin Hawkins - Mindfulness

Dr. Jim Lockard - I'll Forgive When I'm Good And Ready

Dr. Kathianne Lewis - The Unforgiving Mind

Dr. David Bruner - When You Feel Like Crying

Dr. Chris Michaels - Self-Acceptance

Rev. Mark Anthony Lord - Getting Unstuck

Rev. Kevin Ross - Your Power for Greatness

Rev. Michele Synegal - Intention to Manifestation

Friday, November 28, 2014

Khmer Child Foundation

I'm actually nestled in a non-profit coffee shop here in Siem Reap by the name of Common Ground to create this newsletter.  
This November trip was in addition to our yearly January volun-tour sojourn where many of you have joined me in service to Khmer Child Foundation and the surrounding villages. 

With steady growth comes the need for new and improved systems. The reason for this visit was to address the topic of sustainability for the future years of our school (Future Khmer Child) and do whatever we can to establish exemplary systems for outstanding education and life-skills support.

I'm humbled by the support of Bill Taylor from SE Asia Children's Foundation who came on his own resources to facilitate a strategic planning for our teachers.  Along with             

Bill was the ever devoted Victoria Lafortune who has loved and embraced this initiative since her first visit four years ago. 
Between the three of us, we worked with our Cambodian faculty in creating dynamic goals and a refined mission statement which is revealed below. 

I invite you to consider becoming an angel patron by pledging through our monthly consistent giving. 

So far, our angel patrons contribute 70% of our monthly operational cost.  Our budget goal for 2015 will be $48,000 that's $4,000 per month to educate more than 200 children monthly. These dollars will help us
  • increase our IT technology teaching staff
  • assist each faculty member in continuing English education
  • keep our daily educational classes for 218 registered students absolutely free
  • expand English classes to our new Australian sponsored classroom in the village of Nokor Krau which now has 180 new registered students
  • sponsor quarterly health exams by visiting medical teams
Any amount is welcome and you can set this up on our site through our Paypal Donation button.

David Ault

Center for Spiritual Living Redondo Beach Outreach Programs


Mary Ann Amato
PROGRAM: To collect funds, to provide 100 dinner entrees at First United Methodist Church – R.B. 2nd Wednesdays of each month. Center announcement on 2ND Sunday.

Our program offers food and essentials on an “as needed basis” to walk-ins.

CSL is taking donations of clean clothing, new socks and underwear for women and children; along with any household items, bedding, towels, toiletries in large size bottles/containers (no travel size please), small appliances that do not need repair. Put the items in a bag or box and mark them “Rainbow Services”, then bring them to the CSL office. These will go to the Rainbow Services Thrift Store in San Pedro. We have tax receipts since your donations are tax deductible! They also appreciate monetary donations.

Rev Erin Stanlee, Program Director: 310.375.1905

Loving Acts of Kindness is a wonderful new program for our Center. This is a chance to live the spirit of loving-kindness to benefit our fellow members.

We want our members to know that they are cherished and cared for even when they are not able to be at our services. This program embodies the act of giving to others in a deep and meaningful way.