Living Authors

A list of contemporary New Thought Metaphysical authors

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Changeless Change
Carol Davis

The Little Book of Great Love
Gena Gilcrease

Inspiration in Small Doses 
Michele Synegal

Creating the Beloved Community
Jim Lockard

How to Find your Vision and Get a Life
Terry Drew Karanen

And So It Is....A book of Uncommon Prayer
Angelica Jayne Taggart

Real Life Rituals
Karyl Huntley 

Heal your Mind and your Body will Follow
Alma Marie Stevens,

A New Thought Journey through the 12 Steps
Karen Linsley

The Science of Mind Success, Wealth and Love
Joan McCall

Life's Garden of Weekly Wisdom
Sandra Lindsey Smith

40 Days to Freedom, A Lenten Practice for the Modern Mind
Michelle Wadleigh and Alice Reid

5 GIFTS for and Abundant Life
Diane Harmony

Activating the Power Within 8 Weeks to An Empowered Life
Waukena Cuyjet

A Course in Miracles: The Newest of New Thought
Margo Ruark

Alive and Ageless: How to Feel Alive and Live Fully Every Day of Your Life
Maxine Kaye

Be Yourself – Evolving the World Through Personal Empowerment
Mark Gilbert

Bhagavad Gita For Beginners: The Song Of God In Simplified Prose
Edward Viljoen, Newt List, Kindle Edition

Book & Oracle/Teaching Cards: "Holidays & Heroes: Roots, Stories & Resources
Marilyn Miller

Death of Religion/Dawn of Spirituality (a faith and philosophy for the 21st Century)
Dore' Jacques Patlian

Engaging Grace: How To Use The Power of Co-Creation in Daily Life
Mary Schroeder

Ernest Holmes: Mind Mapping the Genius of a New Christianity, original research paper presented at the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary Colloquium 2010, Miami Gardens, FL.
Margo Ruark

Essays on Everything: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous with a little in between
Margaret Stortz

Five Steps To Freedom
John Waterhouse

From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor

The Grass is Greener Right Here
David Ault

Giving God A Good Time
Pat Campbell

Happiness is the Truth: A Spiritual Manifesto
Mollie Player

How to Speak Science of Mind
Dennis Merritt Jones

I Am Enough and other wisdom for daily living-Science of Mind Publications
Margaret Stortz

I Can Do This Thing Called Life and So Can You!
Cath DePalma

In His Company, Ernest Holmes Remembered
Marilyn Leo

It Is About You: Living Fully, Living Free Through the Creative Power of Your Thought
Kathy Juline

It’s Safe For Me To Be…,
Terry Drew Karanen

Joyous Freedom Journal
Petra Weldes and Christian Sorenson

Joyous Living Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration
Petra Weldes and Christian Sorenson

Lights Along The Way - Concise Histories and Comparisons of Three American Metaphysical Belief Systems: Christian Science, Unity, and Religious Science
Margaret Stortz

Meditations for Life!
Terry Drew Karanen

Mind – Your Own Business
Celeste J Terken. Email to purchase

Mind &; Manifestation
Kenn Gordon

Ordinary Goodness: The Surprisingly Effortless Path to Creating a Life of Meaning and Beauty
Edward Viljoen

Overcoming the Fear of Aging (Your Journey to Conscious Aging
Toni LaMotta

Practice the Presence Journal
Edward Viljoen and Chris Michaels, Awakening World

Prepare to Die and Discover How to Live (Your Journey to Conscious Aging 4)
Toni LaMotta

Red Rock Calling
Michael Torphy

Rx for Joy…356 Gratitude
Clancy Blakemore

Sacred Sundays: Spiritual Mind Treatment – Scientific Prayer
Wade Adkisson

Sacred Thinking: Awakening to Your inner Power
Jim Lockard, Oneness Books

Science of Mind and Spirit for Beginners: Four Chapters in Simplified Prose
Edward Viljoen, Newt List, Kindle Edition

Science of Mind Skills
Jane Claypool, Cornucopia Press

Seeing Good At Work
Joyce Duffala and Edward Viljoen, Science of Mind Publication

Shortcut to a Miracle: How to Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life
Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott

Spirit Is Calling
Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen, Awakening World

Spirit With a Smile - The World According To Bob
Gregg Sanderson

Spiritual Growth through the Process of Aging (Your Journey to Conscious Aging) (Volume 3)
Toni LaMotta

Start Living Every Day Of Your Life - Science of Mind Publications
Margaret Stortz

The Art of Being - 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life
Dennis Merritt Jones

The Art of Uncertainty - How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It
Dennis Merritt Jones

The Beatles’ Ten Commandments
Josh Reeves

The Emerson Reader: Self-Reliance
Rev. Michael Gerdes, 2nd Edition, The Peace Center Publishing, 2011.

The Emerson Reader: The Over-Soul
Rev. Michael Gerdes, 2nd Edition, The Peace Center Publishing, 2010.

The Fabulous 51 Book One, Releasing Your Past. (book 1 of a 6 part series)
Dore' Jacques Patlian

The Global Christmas Tree
Pam Renzi

The Magic of the Soul: Applying Spiritual Power to Daily Living
Patrick J. Harbula

The Nature of Things ~ Navigating Everyday Life with Grace
Jeff Anderson

The Power of Meditation
Edward Viljoen, Penguin Tarcher

The Power of Positive Purpose
Jay Scott Neale

The Practitioner Handbook: For Students of the Science of Mind
Mary Schroeder

The Prosperous Life Journal
Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen, Awakening World

The Seven Living Words - an illuminated perspective on the seven last words of Jesus Teacher's facilitator guide available
Mark Anthony Lord

The Spirituality of Aging
Toni LaMotta

The Troward Reader: The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
Rev. Michael Gerdes, 2nd Edition, The Peace Center Publishing, 2010.

The Way In
Carol Carnes

The Wisdom of Money
Alice Bandy

THOU SHALL NOT SUFFER - seven steps to a life of joy!

Mark Anthony Lord

Voices of the Angels: The New Thought Movement Was a Women's Movement
Sanna Rose, Outskirts Press

What Does My Life Wish to Become?: How to Do a Life Review
Toni LaMotta

What You REALLY Want, Wants You: Uncovering Twelve Qualities You Already Have to Get What You Think Is Missing...
Toni LaMotta

Where'd He Get That? A Biblical Cross-Reference to Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind
Margo Ruark

Wise Women Don’t Worry, Wise Women Don’t Sing The Blues
Jane Claypool, Cornucopia Press

Your ReDefining Moments - A Seekers Guide to Living an Authentic Life (Due spring 2014)
Dennis Merritt Jones

Your Soul’s Assignment
Chris Michaels, Awakening World


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