Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pittsburgh South Center for Spiritual Living Sponsoring Families For Christmas

This year, CSL Pittsburgh South sponsored a family for Christmas. We gathered money and gift card donations, shopped for them and tomorrow we'll deliver to the Salvation Army (where we found the family), a bounty of Christmas when they thought they'd have none this year.

We had a lot of fun doing it and we know that the Good we shared was Spirit expressing through us to them.

Thanks much and have a wonderful holiday season!

Best -
Rebecca Harmon
Board member, CSL Pittsburgh South

Christmas Cookies for Kandahar

Our Center mailed a HUGE box of Christmas goodies to a troop in Kandahar.  (I had to get someone from the post office get it out of my car!) We included holiday cards and thank you notes and our Junior Church made them beautiful cardboard wreaths.    I had tears in my eyes as it was sent off ... thinking of how the men and women that are serving our country will love the package.
btw - something people might want to know -- we only had to pay postage to the APO address - the government pays the rest to get it overseas.   So we in Maryland only paid postage to New Jersey.  

Angelica Jayne Taggart

Building A Case For the Past

What do you know about 

  • Raymond Charles Barker
  • Robert Bitzer
  • Carmelita Trowbridge
  • Gene Emmet Clark

or the other great teachers of our heritage?

Do you have anecdotes, stories, photos, or something you learned from or about one of these that deserves to be celebrated by future generations? 

We're seeing the creation of a data base of prominent leaders of Religious Science and it is being created from the remembered histories in us.

Please email your stories, photos and ideas to 

Warm regards,

Edward Viljoen

Oración Afirmativa En Espanol

Dear Friends,

In the spirit of outreach we have begun translating our Online Affirmative Prayer Library into Spanish.

We have two translated, checked, and published and we are excited about doing more.

If you have outreach into other languages, please let me know and I'll post it on our New Thought Resources.

Love Edward

Monday, December 16, 2013

No Room At The Inn? There is Nashville at the Center for Spiritual Living

We at CSLNashville are offering a place to eat and sleep for homeless people twice per month through the winter months. We will host such and event Sunday December 22 as a Christmas special.

One of our practitioners Karlen Evins is the leader of a group called Room In the Inn who have many churches in our area involved in this event.

We pick up people there twice a month on Sunday evenings with volunteers from our center. Room In the Inn offers shelter, schooling and consultation for homeless clients and helps them get back on their feet. We are proud to offer this outreach to our community and to see and feel the blessings such endeavors generate.

Dr. Mitch Johnson Senior minister CSLNashville.