Saturday, September 23, 2017

Spiritual Value: Love as Community Service

September 24 - Spiritual Value: Love as Community Service

We should have no objection to any form of healing, for anything that helps to overcome suffering is good, whether it be a pill or a prayer. We believe in any method which produces results, for each has its place in the Whole.

Ernest Holmes

What ways do you contribute to the alleviation of suffering in the world?

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Spiritual Value: Love as Community Service

September 17

But faith without works is dead. We should not only pray, we should act, each contributing the best [they] have to the common purpose, each willing to make any sacrifice necessary – not a sacrifice reluctantly made, but as one who offers all [they] have for two great purposes – one, in a certain sense, a selfish one, for we all desire self-preservation, the other, in the greater sense, that there can be no individual self-preservation without the preservation of all.

Ernest Holmes

What does selfless-service mean to you?

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

September 10 - Spiritual Value: Love as Community Service

The world is saturated with Divinity, immersed in Reality, and filled with possibility. We must take this divine possibility and mold it into a present actuality in everyday experience. This is the way to freedom, the pathway to peace and happiness.

Ernest Holmes

How do you imagine divine possibility can be molded into everyday experience?

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Saturday, September 02, 2017

September's Spiritual Value: Love as Community Service

We dedicate our time, talent, treasure, and expertise to the healthy and joyful evolution of our spiritual community, the community in which we live, and the greater community of the world.
Spiritual Living, while focusing on inner personal growth, leads each individual to the realization that they are not only one with the Universal Mind of Creation, but also with everything and everyone. Out of this sense of kinship rises a natural desire to share, help, and nurture, and the understanding that none of us is free if one of us is not free.

This month provides the opportunity to explore the balance between inner personal work and contribution to the world through service.

September 3

It is quite a burden lifted when we realize that we do not have to move the world – it is going to move anyway. This realization does not lessen our duty or social obligation. It clarifies it. It enables us to do joyously, and free from morbidity, that which we should do in the social state.

Ernest Holmes

What do you think your duty or social obligation is?

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