Tuesday, December 27, 2016

January's Value: Spiritual Living, a Year of Values-Based, Spiritual Living

As we learn and practice our philosophy, the Science of Mind, we live principle-centered, Spirit-led lives and turn to our principles for guidance in all moments and all areas of our lives.

Spirituality may be defined as an atmosphere of good, the realization of God. It cannot—and does not—borrow its light from another, no matter how great or noble that other may be. It springs from within, coming from that never-failing fountain of life, which quenches every thirst, whose Source is in eternity; the well-spring of self-existence. It is a revelation of the self to the self, putting one back on the track of his own self-dependence on Spirit, his own at-one-ment with Reality.

Ernest Holmes

How do you define your spirituality?

Meme by Rev. Julie Schmidt

Science of Mind Magazine monthly themes for 2017 will closely match the monthly themes for the values-based, spiritual living in 2017.

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  1. Spirituality is my oneness with the God in me and all life. I listen to everything from Buddist talks to Joel Osteen during the week. I love that spirituality is freedom to follow what calls me. There's no hard and fast rules about it. There was never meant to be. :)