Saturday, May 13, 2017

May 14 - Spiritual Living through Creativity

May’s Value is Spiritual Living through Creativity

A cornerstone practice of our teaching is Spiritual Mind Treatment, a form of affirmative prayer in which we mentally accept the idea of the good we wish to have in our lives. But affirmative prayer is not only mental work. It must also be felt. Our founder, Ernest Holmes wrote about prayer that “our mental acceptances should be filled with conviction, warmth, color and imagination. The creative power responds to feeling more quickly than to any other mental attitude. Therefore, we should try to feel the reality of what we are doing when we give a treatment. This reality is felt as we become more and more convinced that Spirit responds to us.”

Try this method to connect with the feeling of your prayer. Imagine that whatever you are praying about has been accomplished. If it is good health, imagine you are healthy. If it is excellent communication with a parent or friend, imagine you are communicating successfully and well. Then ask yourself, in this imagined future outcome, what are you feeling. When you identify a feeling that goes with the answered prayer, you can focus on bringing that feeling into your prayer work. For example, if you imagined feeling joyous, choose words for your prayer that cause you to feel joyous now.

Describe the role that emotion plays in your prayers.

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Edward Viljoen

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